How to Pack for a Long Vacation

Learn What to Bring for an Extended Trip

Traveling on short vacations is always a fun and exciting adventure, but going on a long trip is an incredible experience that you will not forget. Shorter trips are great when you want a small taste of another culture, but longer vacations will allow you to immerse yourself in the values and lifestyle of the area you are visiting. Trips that will span over a month are often eye-opening and will alter your perspective on life. If you decide to take an extensive trip, one of your initial obstacles will be deciding what to bring. For shorter excursions, packing light is ideal; however, when going on a long trip, you will need to bring a multitude of items. For an idea of what to bring, check out the tips listed below:



The bulk of what you will be packing for your long trip is clothing. The choices on what articles of clothing you pack should depend on the location you are traveling to. If you are traveling to a warmer location, the majority of your clothing should consist of shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits. If you are going to a colder climate, remember to pack sweaters, thermal underwear, hats, gloves, boots and other cold weather gear.

As well as taking the climate into account, you will want to be sure that you pick clothing appropriate for the location you are going to. There are many countries you may travel to that will have more conservative requirements for clothing. In many countries in the Middle East, Asia and other locations, it is inappropriate to wear shorts and other revealing clothing for both men and women. Do some research before your trip and make sure you pack clothing that is suitable.


Other Comfort Items

Regardless of where you go, you will need other comfort items as well. These may not be necessary entities for shorter trips, but when you are gone from the comfort of your home for an extended period of time, they will make sure that you feel at ease. Some of these include a bathrobe, a microfiber towel, a sleeping bag and even your own sheets and blankets. You can pick these up in traditional stores, or purchase them online from sites like REIPeach Skin Sheets and others.


Toiletries and Medicines

If you are going on a one week to ten day trip, you will not need anything beyond your basic toiletries. However, since you are traveling for an extended period of time, you will need to pack a myriad of materials. Beyond the objects you use daily, such as a tooth brush, hairbrush, razor and whatever else you use on a regular basis, when going on a long trip you will also need supplies that are not for daily use. Some of these items include medicines that you may need such as cough drops, Pepto-Bismol, anti-diarrheal tablets and more. The Centers for Disease Control recommends making yourself a travel health kit that should include all of the health-related materials you will need for a longer trip.


Final Thoughts

Traveling on a long trip can be a wonderful adventure that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Understanding how to pack properly for a lengthy vacation is crucial if you want to be comfortable and relaxed for your trip.


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